Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another daughter

If you haven't heard I am getting another daughter. Bridgett and Mikey will be married in March. They are getting married in St. George Utah and we couldn't be happier. Mikey loves her and so do we. We can only hope a cute little red head comes soon.

Friday, February 8, 2008

We love you mom

It is well know that Diane (nana) has an extremely handsome and intelegent son (Chris Jr.) But did you also know she has 5 other kids and 7 wonderful grandchildren. This blog will be a way for her to show them off. As well as keep in touch.
Quick back ground.
Diane and Chris were married February 19, 1972. It was catholic wedding.
That means they have been going strong for 36 years. Who would have thought the New Yorker and the Alabama boy would have made it that long. The word is that they decided when Juj was born that who ever left the other spouse had to take Juj and no one was willing to take her on alone. And so they continue.
Chris is working at Harber Company doing underground utility. He teaches sunday school and loves working on his motorhome. All the time.
Diane is taking advantage of spare time doing lots of crafts and taking care of the grandkids when ever possible.
Colby is still at home. He is 12 now and he keeps them young. Colby looks a lot like his older brother chris which means he is a good looking kid. He excells in school and enjoys it.